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Top Drunks (Drinking Game)

Top Drunks (Drinking Game)
Product description :

Top Drunks: The professional's card based drinking game.

Compete against your drinking buddies with these hilarious stereotypes from every profession, graded over five categories.

Your evening entertainment will never be the same again as you drink your way through the pack...

Oh! and watch out for the DIRTY PINT card!...

An ingenious drinking game version of the popular Trumps format.

Cards feature drunken stereotypes such as Hayley Burberry (Chav) and Pat Slapper (Holiday Maker) as well as some shamelessly familiar faces; can you guess who Courtney Winohouse or Winston Burphill might refer to?

Even poor old Father Christmas makes an appearance.

Characters are scored in five categories including Favourite Tipple', Medical Record' and Party Trick', allowing cards to be won or lost in the usual way. Dirty Pint' forfeit cards (very nasty) have been added to create a drinking game, although these can easily be removed for the teetotallers version.

Cutting grown-up humour for the pub or dinner parties.

The fab Top Drunks card game.

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