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Comic Toilet Roll

Comic Toilet Roll
Product description :

Comic Toilet Roll: Here at Ottima Gifts we love a good bit of old-fashioned toilet humour and if you do too then you’re sure to love this!

When you use our Comic Toilet Paper, no more courtesy flushes are needed.

This toilet paper will really empower you to let rip like a superhero on the toilet! Splash! Pop! Parp! Flush!

Embarrassing noises from the smallest room in the house will be a thing of the past as you confidently launch into action with each tear.

And just like real comics, you can trade the best ones with your friends or save them in the the attic until they increase in value!

OK maybe not the last part, but they're still tons of fun!

Contains one toilet roll.

The fab Comic Toilet Roll.

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Product Code: Product 30
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