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Arse Face Soap

Arse Face Soap
Arse Face Soap
Product description :

Arse/Face Soap: A Bar of soap, 9cm, marked 'Face' on one side and 'Arse' on the reverse

If you've ever been in some one else's bathroom and suddenly found yourself concerned about the recent history of the towel or soap you are about to use, then you are more likely to appreciate this less than subtle approach.

The Soap and Towel are sold separately but the idea is the same. They both have areas clearly marked with 'Arse' and 'Face'.

The soap is lightly scented.

The only remaining question is what do you do with the rest of your body?

A great naughty but nice present.

Who can you buy one for?

The naughty but nice Arse Face Soap.                

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