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Opalescence Oh! Teeth Whitening gel 3 x 6ml 15% set

Opalescence Oh! Teeth Whitening gel 3 x 6ml 15% set
Product description :

Opalescence Oh! Teeth Whitening Gel 3 x 6ml pack: Oh! That's Easy.

With its disposable, unit dose capsules filled with the precise amount of gel for one whitening tray, Opalescence Oh! eliminates guesswork and minimizes wasted gel.

Hold the bulb between thumb and forefinger.

Twist the bulb without squeezing the bulb.

Gently remove the cap.

Squeeze the gel out one bulb per tray.

Oh! That's Brilliant.

Highly effective, Opalescence Oh! whitens the entire smile and offers potassium nitrate and fluoride(PF) for increased enamel strength and minimized sensitivity.

Oh! That's Opalescence!

Opalescence Oh! features the award-winning, sticky, viscous whitening gel used across the Opalescence line.

With wear times that range from 30 minutes to overnight, Opalescence Oh! is available (with PF) in 15% carbamide peroxide in mint, melon, and regular flavours.

Pack contains one each of MINT, MELON & ORIGINAL (NO FLAVOUR)

This is a Brand New style pack and has a long use by date.

Please only use after consulting your dentist and discontinue use if you have any discomfort.

You will need to have fitted trays made before use.

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