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BNIB 10% MINT PF Opalescence Tooth Whitening 4 pk

BNIB 10% MINT PF Opalescence Tooth Whitening 4 pk
Product description :

BNIB 10% MINT FLAVOUR PF Opalescence Carbamide Peroxide 4-PACK:10% PF- Opalescence Tooth Whitening 4 Syringe Pack in MINT flavour!

Carbamide Peroxide Gel with Potassium Nitrate & Fluoride with MINT flavour.

You have here 4 x 1.2ml 10% Mint Opalescence gel syringes.

All syringes include applicator tips & resealable caps.

Please note this is the same sort of teeth whitening treatment done by your dentist! (You still need to get fitted tray's made by your Dentist!)

If you are not sure about the effect on your teeth, we would always recommend you consult your dentist before purchasing or use!

This kit has a long use by date.

RRP for this kit is £80.00+

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