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Rubik Speaker

Rubik Speaker
Product description :

Rubik MP3 Speaker: The simply stunning Rubik’s USB Speaker.

Just as cool-looking as the original but a lot less of a puzzle to figure out, simply connect the USB cable to a laptop or computer for power and then connect to any audio source with the built-in audio jack and you are on your way to audio bliss.

This compact speaker fits easily on any spare corner of your desk, and will exude a sense of retro chic to your workspace whilst delivering amazingly high quality sound.

So whatever your music tastes, be it Lady GaGa or Guns n' Roses, you'll be sure to have admirers popping around your desk when the Rubik's Cube Speaker is pumping out tunes.

Be the envy of all your friends with this classic style icon!

Compatible with any Mp3 player and powered by USB.

Includes:- 1 X USB powered speaker, 1 x USB power cable & 1 x 3.5mm audio cable.

The funky Rubik's Cube style speaker.

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Product Code: Product 33
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