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Naughty but Nice...Presents...

Naughty but Nice...Presents...

Naughty but Nice...

How about a pair of Juggling Stress Boobs or a Stress Banana?

You could go for the Bad Language Words Fridge Poetry Kit?

Whatever you choose it will do the trick...

Fun night out or in?

Hen or Stag Night presents?

Naughty Wedding presents?






Arse Face Soap
Arse/Face Soap: A Bar of soap, 9cm, marked 'Face' on one side and 'Arse' on the reverse If you've..
Fxcking Rude Words Fridge Magnet Set
Fxcking Rude Words Fridge Magnet Set: What more can we say? Quite simply the rudest, most outrage..
Gay Bar Soap
Gay Bar Soap:What would you prefer; a fight club or a gay bar? Well, whatever your preference, we..
Glow in the Dark Lover's Dice
Glow in the Dark Lover's Dice- Turn off the lights, turn on your lover with this pair of Glow in the..
Juggling Stress Boobs
Juggling Boobs- Juggling Stress Boobs...getting a ' Breast of your Stress' A pack of two squeezab..
Knit your own Boyfriend
Knit your own Boyfriend kit: Make the boyfriend of your dreams! Create the perfect boyfriend with..
MAGNETIC FRIDGE POETRY ( The Bad Language Kit ) over 400 words!
Magnetic Poetry Bad Language Kit- Contains over 400 magnetic bad language words to stick on your fri..
Magnetic Fridge Poetry Erotic Words Kit
Magnetic Fridge Poetry Erotic Words Kit- Over 400 magnetic erotic words, clings to your fridge, boil..
Mar Egeu Brazilian Bikini BI641-63 silver
Mar Egeu Designer Brazilian Bikini BI641-63 : SILVER Colour: Silver Size: Brazil P / USA XS / ..
£49.99 £9.99
Naughty Nipple Tassels
Naughty Nipple Tassels:Dress to impress with these two sexy Nipple Tassels with special adhesive tap..
£5.99 £1.99
Ring for Sex Bell
Ring for Sex Bell- The Ring for Sex Bell. One ring for ready now! Two rings for be quick! T..
£4.99 £1.99
Sculpt your own Boyfriend kit
Sculpt your own Boyfriend kit: The Sculpt-Your-Own Boyfriend kit gives you the chance to create your..
Sculpt your own Girlfriend kit
Sculpt your own Girlfriend kit: The Sculpt-Your-Own Girlfriend kit gives you the chance to create yo..
Sculpta Sutra
Sculpta Sutra:As seen on the fab & much missed Jonathan Ross Show. Sculpta Sutra is a 3D guid..
Sexy Shower Curtain
Sexy Shower Curtain: Guys will love this shower curtain with sexy silhouette! What more do they n..
Stress Banana
The Fab Stress Relieving Squeezable Stress Banana What you need during and after a stress full da..