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Gifts for Him!

Gifts for Him!

Gifts for him that are weird, wonderful & fun.

Go on just buy it for him, and see their reaction!

From the Musical Piano Tie to the Drinking Games tin...check out these great ideas.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.   

Remote Control Fart Machine
The Remote Control Fart Machine No. 2 (The New & Improved version) - The funniest gag gadget jus..
Based on 4 reviews.
Arse Face Soap
Arse/Face Soap: A Bar of soap, 9cm, marked 'Face' on one side and 'Arse' on the reverse If you've..
Blood Bath Shower Curtain
Blood Bath Shower Curtain: A truly terrifying bathroom accessory. When this shower curtain is scr..
Butcher's Apron - Butchered
Butcher's Apron - Butchered: The next time you are thinking about flipping some burgers, or grilling..
Clever Super Magnetic Putty
Super Magnetic Putty: Super Magnetic Putty in a tub containing a portion of putty that can be moulde..
Based on 1 reviews.
Coin Tricks
Coin Tricks: Magic Coin Tricks- A collection of the world's greatest coin tricks featuring: * Ama..
Dog-End Cufflinks
Dog-End Cufflinks:Dog-End Cufflinks for lovers of dogs and those who're just fond of a chuckle alike..
Drinking Games
Drinking Games: The Utterly Outrageous Drinking Games kit... The best drinking games you can get ..
Drinking Straw Glasses
Drinking Straw Glasses:Watch your drink shoot up the tube and swirl around both your eyes before ent..
Gay Bar Soap
Gay Bar Soap:What would you prefer; a fight club or a gay bar? Well, whatever your preference, we..
Glow in the Dark Lover's Dice
Glow in the Dark Lover's Dice- Turn off the lights, turn on your lover with this pair of Glow in the..
Inflatable Walking Stick
Inflatable Waking Stick: An inflatable walking stick for those over the hill folks you know! Poke..
Inflatable Zimmer Frame
Inflatable Zimmer Frame: An inflatable walking frame for those over the hill folks you know! Poke..
Juggling Stress Boobs
Juggling Boobs- Juggling Stress Boobs...getting a ' Breast of your Stress' A pack of two squeezab..
Key Pete Blue
Key Pete Blue:Key Pete (Keepit - geddit!?) is a reliable guardian of your keys. He has super stro..
Kill Bill ( Pussy Wagon ) Keyring
Kill Bill ( Pussy Wagon ) Keyring- The famous Pussy Wagon keychain from the cult movie made by Quint..
MAGNETIC FRIDGE POETRY ( The Bad Language Kit ) over 400 words!
Magnetic Poetry Bad Language Kit- Contains over 400 magnetic bad language words to stick on your fri..
Magnetic Fridge Poetry Erotic Words Kit
Magnetic Fridge Poetry Erotic Words Kit- Over 400 magnetic erotic words, clings to your fridge, boil..
Mancala Board Game
Mancala- An ancient Eastern game dated back as far as 1500BC. In Mancala claim and defend your ho..
Marked Cards Magic Card Trick
Marked Cards- This Mysterioso's Magic Marked Card pack is great for all budding magicians out there!..
Measuring Toilet Roll
Measuring Toilet Roll: Well what can we say? We love poking fun at anything toilet related, and t..
Mini Electronic Drum Kit ( Finger Drums )
Finger Drums (Mini Electronic Drum Kit)- Idol Hands Electronic Finger Drum Kit. Now everyone can ..
Musical Piano Tie
Musical Piano Tie: The Musical Piano Tie just press the keys, and play the tune. A brilliantly si..
Ninja Coat Hooks
Ninja Coat Hooks-A Metal Ninja Death Star style coat hanger! This Ninja Coat Hook will transform ..
Pulp Fiction Wallet
Pulp Fiction Wallet- This the famous wallet from the fab movie: Pulp Fiction made by Miramax. Thi..
Quiz Buzzer Keyring
Quiz Buzzer Keyring: The fab new Quiz buzzer keyring. Have a quiz show response to any situation!..
Qwerty Words Fridge Magnet Set
Qwerty Words Fridge Magnet Set: This brilliant pack of typewriter fridge magnets allows you to spell..
Retro Weather Fridge Magnet Set (Michael Fish)
Retro Weather Fridge Magnets by Michael Fish: Hello and welcome to today's weather. Will it be sunny..
Ring for a Drink Bell
Ring for a Drink Bell- Ring for a Drink... One ring for a soft drink Two rings for some beer o..
Rubik Mug
Rubik Mug:The Rubik's Cube Type Mug. Do you remember the frustration you felt as a child when you..
Rubik Speaker
Rubik MP3 Speaker: The simply stunning Rubik’s USB Speaker. Just as cool-looking as the original ..
Rubik's Cube Coasters
Rubik's Cube Coaster Set:Rubik's Cube Coaster set...whether you call yourself a kid from the 80’s or..
Rubik's Cube Desk Tidy
Rubik's Cube Desk Tidy: The Rubik's Cube Desk Tidy...add some retro style to your untidy/cluttered d..
Rubik's Cube Money Box
Rubik's Cube Money Box: The Rubik's Cube Money Box... If you could solve the classic Rubik's puzz..
Sculpt your own Boyfriend kit
Sculpt your own Boyfriend kit: The Sculpt-Your-Own Boyfriend kit gives you the chance to create your..
Sculpt your own Girlfriend kit
Sculpt your own Girlfriend kit: The Sculpt-Your-Own Girlfriend kit gives you the chance to create yo..
Sculpta Sutra
Sculpta Sutra:As seen on the fab & much missed Jonathan Ross Show. Sculpta Sutra is a 3D guid..
Self Stirring Mug
Self Stirring Mug: The self stirring mug is for all the lazy people out there that cannot be bothere..
Sexy Shower Curtain
Sexy Shower Curtain: Guys will love this shower curtain with sexy silhouette! What more do they n..
Sonic Key Finder Keyring
The must have gadget... The Sonic Keyfinder Beeping Keyring! Just attche the key ring to anyth..
Space Invader Alien Alarm Clock
Space Invader Alien Alarm Clock: This 80s-influenced Space Alien Alarm Clock is the retro way to sta..
Spectacular Illusions
Spectacular Illusions: Some great Spectacular Illusion Magic Tricks including:- *The Dreaded Seve..
Stress Ball
Stress Ball- Relieve stress whenever, wherever with the smiley face Yellow Stress Ball. Keep this..
Tattoo Sleeves Heart
Heart Tattoo Sleeves: Unisex heart design tattoo sleeves. Pack of two. Slip on, stretchable fa..
£4.99 £0.99
Tattoo Sleeves Tiger
Tiger Tattoo Sleeves: Unisex tiger design tattoo sleeves. Pack of two. Slip on, stretchable fa..
£4.99 £0.99
Top Drunks (Drinking Game)
Top Drunks: The professional's card based drinking game. Compete against your drinking buddies wi..
Trick Golf Balls set of 4
Trick Golf Balls set of 4:This novelty pack of Trick Golf Balls is a MUST HAVE for anyone with any k..
Undercover Secret Laptop/iPad Sleeve
Undercover Secret Laptop/iPad Sleeve: Is that a tatty old envelope I see poking out from under your ..
£19.99 £9.99
VW Camper Van Tent Blue
VW Campervan Tent in Blue colour: A full size replica of the classic 1965 VW Camper Van as a tent! ..
VW Camper Van Tent Green/Peppermint
VW Campervan Tent in Green/Peppermint colour: A full size replica of the classic 1965 VW Camper Van ..
VW Camper Van Wash bag Blue
VW Campervan Washbag Blue: This fantastic to scale VW Campervan wash bag is fully lined internally a..
Wheelie Bin Desk Tidy
Mini Wheelie Bin Desk Tidy: This Mini Green Wheelie Bin for the desk, or anywhere else for that matt..