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Fads & Collectables

Fads & Collectables

Fads & collectable presents to suit all ages & pockets.

The latest presents to the best classic gadgets.

From Glow in the Dark Plastic Stars to brighten up any bedroom ceiling to Magic Tricks to Tattoo Sleeves!

Fads & Collectable will find them all here!

Black Cat Cloth Holder
Black Cat Cloth Holder: The Cloth-Cat will raise a smile every time dishes need to be dried, which i..
Clever Super Magnetic Putty
Super Magnetic Putty: Super Magnetic Putty in a tub containing a portion of putty that can be moulde..
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Coin Tricks
Coin Tricks: Magic Coin Tricks- A collection of the world's greatest coin tricks featuring: * Ama..
Dog-End Cufflinks
Dog-End Cufflinks:Dog-End Cufflinks for lovers of dogs and those who're just fond of a chuckle alike..
Glow in the Dark Glitter Stars - Plastic
Glow in the Dark Glitter Stars- A great selection of Glowing Glitter Plastic Stars in medium and lar..
Glow in the Dark of Stars - (Plastic Stars)
Glow in the Dark Stars: Plastic stars that glow in the dark. Just use the enclosed adhesive to at..
Glow in the Dark of Stars - Plastic
Glow in the Dark Galaxy of Stars: A great selection of Glowing Plastic Stars in medium and large siz..
Harmonica: A harmonica with wood & metal construction. A full-sized 16 hole harmonica. Bea..
Inflatable Zimmer Frame
Inflatable Zimmer Frame: An inflatable walking frame for those over the hill folks you know! Poke..
Kill Bill ( Pussy Wagon ) Keyring
Kill Bill ( Pussy Wagon ) Keyring- The famous Pussy Wagon keychain from the cult movie made by Quint..
Marked Cards Magic Card Trick
Marked Cards- This Mysterioso's Magic Marked Card pack is great for all budding magicians out there!..
Measuring Toilet Roll
Measuring Toilet Roll: Well what can we say? We love poking fun at anything toilet related, and t..
Mini Gizmo Plush (Gremlin)
Musical Piano Tie
Musical Piano Tie: The Musical Piano Tie just press the keys, and play the tune. A brilliantly si..
Pulp Fiction Wallet
Pulp Fiction Wallet- This the famous wallet from the fab movie: Pulp Fiction made by Miramax. Thi..
Quiz Buzzer Keyring
Quiz Buzzer Keyring: The fab new Quiz buzzer keyring. Have a quiz show response to any situation!..
Rubik's Cube Coasters
Rubik's Cube Coaster Set:Rubik's Cube Coaster set...whether you call yourself a kid from the 80’s or..
Rubik's Cube Desk Tidy
Rubik's Cube Desk Tidy: The Rubik's Cube Desk Tidy...add some retro style to your untidy/cluttered d..
Rubik's Cube Money Box
Rubik's Cube Money Box: The Rubik's Cube Money Box... If you could solve the classic Rubik's puzz..
Sharp-End Cat's Bum Pencil Sharpener: Black
Sharp-End Cat's Bum Pencil Sharpener:Well, what to say about the Well, its a cat s..
Sharp-End Cat's Bum Pencil Sharper: White
Sharpe-End Cat Pencil Sharpener-White: Well, what to say about the Well, its a cat..
Sonic Key Finder Keyring
The must have gadget... The Sonic Keyfinder Beeping Keyring! Just attche the key ring to anyth..
Sound Bites Machine
Sound Bites Machine: This pocket-sized Sound Machine produces 20 loud and unmistakeable sounds. S..
Space Invader Alien Alarm Clock
Space Invader Alien Alarm Clock: This 80s-influenced Space Alien Alarm Clock is the retro way to sta..
Spectacular Illusions
Spectacular Illusions: Some great Spectacular Illusion Magic Tricks including:- *The Dreaded Seve..
Tattoo Sleeves Heart
Heart Tattoo Sleeves: Unisex heart design tattoo sleeves. Pack of two. Slip on, stretchable fa..
£4.99 £0.99
Tattoo Sleeves Tiger
Tiger Tattoo Sleeves: Unisex tiger design tattoo sleeves. Pack of two. Slip on, stretchable fa..
£4.99 £0.99
Top Drunks (Drinking Game)
Top Drunks: The professional's card based drinking game. Compete against your drinking buddies wi..
Trick Golf Balls set of 4
Trick Golf Balls set of 4:This novelty pack of Trick Golf Balls is a MUST HAVE for anyone with any k..
VW Camper Van Tent Blue
VW Campervan Tent in Blue colour: A full size replica of the classic 1965 VW Camper Van as a tent! ..
VW Camper Van Tent Green/Peppermint
VW Campervan Tent in Green/Peppermint colour: A full size replica of the classic 1965 VW Camper Van ..
VW Camper Van Wash bag Blue
VW Campervan Washbag Blue: This fantastic to scale VW Campervan wash bag is fully lined internally a..