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Puzzles & Games

Puzzles & Games

Puzzles & games to keep them puzzled, frustrated and out of your hair for hours on end...

One or more of these presents will be just right for that difficult person to buy for in your life!

From the Ancient Mancala Game to the Yellow Stress Ball!

Puzzles & Games for all ages...   

Clever Silly Putty in a Tin
Clever Putty: Clever Putty in a smart black tin containing a portion of silvery putty that can be mo..
Clever Super Magnetic Putty
Super Magnetic Putty: Super Magnetic Putty in a tub containing a portion of putty that can be moulde..
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Coin Tricks
Coin Tricks: Magic Coin Tricks- A collection of the world's greatest coin tricks featuring: * Ama..
Drinking Games
Drinking Games: The Utterly Outrageous Drinking Games kit... The best drinking games you can get ..
Harmonica: A harmonica with wood & metal construction. A full-sized 16 hole harmonica. Bea..
MAGNETIC FRIDGE POETRY ( Humorous Kit ) over 400 words!
Magnetic Poetry Humorous Kit- Contains over 400 magnetic humorous words to stick on your fridge. ..
MAGNETIC FRIDGE POETRY ( Romance Kit ) over 400 words!
Magnetic Fridge Poetry Kit for Romantics- Contains over 400 magnetic romantic words to stick on your..
MAGNETIC FRIDGE POETRY ( The Bad Language Kit ) over 400 words!
Magnetic Poetry Bad Language Kit- Contains over 400 magnetic bad language words to stick on your fri..
Magnetic Fridge Poetry Original no.1 Kit
Magnetic Fridge Poetry Original no. 1 kit- Over 400 magnetic words,clings to fridges,boilers or any ..
Magnetic Fridge Poetry Original no.2 Kit
Magnetic Fridge Poetry Original no.2 Kit- Over 400 magnetic words,clings to fridges,boilers or any m..
Mancala Board Game
Mancala- An ancient Eastern game dated back as far as 1500BC. In Mancala claim and defend your ho..
Marked Cards Magic Card Trick
Marked Cards- This Mysterioso's Magic Marked Card pack is great for all budding magicians out there!..
Quiz Buzzer Keyring
Quiz Buzzer Keyring: The fab new Quiz buzzer keyring. Have a quiz show response to any situation!..
Qwerty Words Fridge Magnet Set
Qwerty Words Fridge Magnet Set: This brilliant pack of typewriter fridge magnets allows you to spell..
Ransom Words Fridge Magnet Set
Ransom Words Fridge Magnet Set: Who ate my pie? Hands off my wine! Remember your lunch. Buy..
Retro Weather Fridge Magnet Set (Michael Fish)
Retro Weather Fridge Magnets by Michael Fish: Hello and welcome to today's weather. Will it be sunny..
Rubik Mug
Rubik Mug:The Rubik's Cube Type Mug. Do you remember the frustration you felt as a child when you..
Rubik Speaker
Rubik MP3 Speaker: The simply stunning Rubik’s USB Speaker. Just as cool-looking as the original ..
Sonic Key Finder Keyring
The must have gadget... The Sonic Keyfinder Beeping Keyring! Just attche the key ring to anyth..
Spectacular Illusions
Spectacular Illusions: Some great Spectacular Illusion Magic Tricks including:- *The Dreaded Seve..
Stress Ball
Stress Ball- Relieve stress whenever, wherever with the smiley face Yellow Stress Ball. Keep this..
Top Drunks (Drinking Game)
Top Drunks: The professional's card based drinking game. Compete against your drinking buddies wi..